State Enterprise «Scientific-research Institute For Metrology Of Measurement And Control Systems» DP NDI «SYSTEMA»:

  • carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of acoustic, hydroacoustic and ultrasonic measurements related to the creation, enhancement, storage and application of national standards, the establishment of the size of the transmission systems of measurement units;
  • coordinates and carries out scientific-methodical support of works on maintenance of unity of measurements in the field of acoustic measurements;
  • coordinates the scientific and metrological activities relating to metrological support of measurement and control systems;
  • serves as the secretariat of the National Technical Committee for Standardization in the field of quality management;
  • participates in the drafting of technical regulations of other legal acts and normative documents in the field of metrology and metrological activity.
  • performs conformity assessment legally regulated funds  measuring technique with the technical regulations in the appointment of its conformity assessment body;
  • carries out research and development work related to the creation, storage, operation and improvement of national standards of Ukraine;
  • carries out verification of legally controlled measuring devices, in service and the respective types of measurements subspecies the use of national standards, provided authorize to conduct verification of the relevant assets;
  • carries out calibration of measuring instruments used in the field and / or outside the scope of  legally regulated metrology;
  • cooperates with international organizations on metrology.